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History & creation

Sex offender registration and community notification laws are the product of and reaction to a series of apparently sexually motivated killings and assaults in the 80s and 90s. As a result, Hawaii’s original Sex Offender registry site was launched in 2001.

On November 21, 2001, the Hawaii Supreme Court’s ruling in the State of Hawaii versus Bani shut down this site, and access to all public sex offender information was terminated, based on the Supreme Court’s due process requirement for public notification.

In 2005, laws were eventually passed that allowed review by a judge to remove an individual from the database if he/she deemed appropriate. The site was relaunched with a technology refresh and received over 125,000 page views on the first day it went live.

A design refresh in 2008

In 2008, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center once again partnered with Tyler Hawaii to build a new registry which is still live today. As a result of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and HAR §846E, the existing registry needed an update to be compliant with new federal and state requirements.

Highly detailed search results

Users can search for offenders within a geographical area, receive email alerts, and use a phonetic search to include sounds-like matches rather than an exact match to a name. For more precise identification, offenders bio’s were updated to include pictures of specific attributes like scars, marks, and tattoos along with more thorough descriptions of offenses, and customers can also initiate a criminal history search directly from the offenders detail page.

Award winning mobile apps

In partnership with the website, a free Hawaii Sex Offender Search mobile app was also released and has been the recipient of 2 awards since launch.

screenshots from sex offender search mobile app

The Sex Offender Search mobile app is easy to use and provides an important public service.

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All work on this project was completed at no cost to the State of Hawaii or its taxpayers.