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We have active agreements with many departments and divisions to provide online services to the citizens of Hawaii.

City and County of Honolulu

  • Honolulu Emergency Services Department
  • Honolulu Fire Department
  • Honolulu Police Department
  • Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office
  • Oahu Office of the Public Defender
  • Office of the City Clerk
  • Work Hawaii Division / YouthBuild

County of Hawaii

  • Hawaii County Police Department
  • Hawaii Parks & Recreation
  • Hawaii Prosecutors Office
  • Hawaii Real Property Division
  • Hawaii Vehicle Registration & Licensing Division
  • Hawaii Liquor Control

County of Maui

  • Maui Motor Vehicle & Licensing
  • Maui Office of the Public Defender
  • Maui Police Department
  • Maui Prosecutor’s Office

County of Kauai

  • Kauai Department of Water Supply
  • Kauai Fire Department
  • Kauai Liquor Control
  • Kauai Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Kauai Police Department
  • Kauai Prosecutor’s Office
  • Kauai Real Property Division

Department of Accounting and General Services

  • Department of Accounting and General Services (Washington Place)
  • Office of Enterprise Technology Services
  • Office of Information Practices
  • State Foundation for Culture & the Arts
  • State Procurement Office
  • Surplus Property Office

Department of the Attorney General

  • Child Support Enforcement Agency
  • Civil Recoveries Division
  • Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
  • Notary Public Office
  • Tax & Charities Division

Department of Budget and Finance

  • Unclaimed Property Program
  • Employees’ Retirement System
  • Employer Union Health Benefits Trust Fund

Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism

  • Business Development & Support Division
  • Creative Industries Division
  • Foreign Trade Zone #9
  • Hawaii Film Office
  • Hawaii State Energy Office
  • High Tech Development Corporation
  • Small Business Regulatory Review Board

Department of Education

  • Waipahu Community School for Adults

Department of Health

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division
  • Disability & Communication Access Board
  • Harm Reduction Services Branch
  • Office of Health Care Assurance
  • Office of Health Status Monitoring
  • State Council on Mental Health
  • Safe Drinking Water Branch
  • State Lab Division
  • Tuberculosis Branch
  • Wastewater Branch

Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

  • Business Registration Division
  • Cable Television Division
  • Professional & Vocational Licensing Division
  • Office of Consumer Protection
  • Real Estate Branch

Department of Defense

  • Office of Homeland Security

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

  • Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board
  • Occupational Safety & Health Division
  • Research & Statistics Division
  • Workforce Development Division

Department of Land and Natural Resources

  • Administrative Proceedings Office
  • Aquatic Resources Division
  • Boating & Ocean Recreation Division
  • Bureau of Conveyances
  • Engineering Division
  • Forestry & Wildlife Division
  • Hunter Education Program
  • Land Division
  • State Historic Preservation Division
  • State Parks Division

Department of Public Safety

  • Narcotics Enforcement Division
  • Sheriffs Division

Department of Taxation

Department of Transportation

  • Airports Division

Internal Revenue Service

Hawaii State Judiciary

  • Hawaii State Judiciary
  • Policy & Planning Department
  • Traffic Violation Bureau
  • Volunteer in Public Services

Hawaii State Public Library System

Legislative Reference Bureau

Office of the Governor

  • Office of the Governor
  • Boards & Commissions

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

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