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Current report

Annual reports provide a comprehensive look at our company’s activities and performance.

Looking forward

Tyler Technologies’ successes in Hawaii and across the country provide a wide array of problem-solving approaches and solutions. We look forward to both the partnership and the challenges that drive Hawaii’s digital government journey. The program and our partnership help provide continuity in the delivery of digital government services for the citizens and businesses in our community.

Payment Processing

Online payments are a key pillar of the program. Throughout our 23-year history in Hawaii, we’ve developed multiple mechanisms to securely accept and disburse funds.

Honolulu Records Collection

In recent years, the patchwork nature of the City and County of Honolulu’s user interfaces made it challenging for the public to engage with the state’s legislative process.

Past reports

Copies of Tyler Hawaii’s* annual reports are available through 2007.

*As of March 2023, NIC Hawaii began doing business as Tyler Hawaii.
As of June 2020 Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC began doing business as NIC Hawaii.

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NIC Hawaii is now doing business as Tyler Hawaii. Read about the rebrand.