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SPO vendor list contract no. 08-13

When working with us to build an online service or website, there is no need to release a Request for Proposal. Services have already been procured and Tyler Hawaii is a vendor for eGovernment services within the state of Hawaii. Your agency will sign an agreement with us, then we will work directly with you on all aspects of system development and/or website creation.

NASPO ValuePoint citizen engagement platform contract no. 23-07

NASPO ValuePoint is a multi-state contracting consortium of state governments, including local governments, of which the State of Hawaii is a member. NASPO ValuePoint Purchasing Organization, LLC seeks to achieve price discounts by combining the requirements of multi-state governmental agencies, and cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services.

For further information about NASPO ValuePoint or to view the contract please see Tyler’s contract portfolio. Additional information and participating jurisdictions can be found in the State of Hawaii State Procurement Office price list contract no. 23-07.

Contract information

  • Contractor: Tyler Technologies
  • Contract number: AR3764
  • Awarded: 4/19/2022
  • Contract expiration: 9/14/2026

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