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At Tyler Hawaii, our sole mission is to bring government services to the people. We do this by developing digital government services through a public/private partnership with the State of Hawaii. Since our creation in 1999, over 150+ digital government services have been deployed and over 2.5 million citizens visit annually. View the full list of services or check out our portfolio.

Located in downtown Honolulu we employ 27 full time staff members.

Acquisition & brand history

  • As of June 2020 Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC began doing business as NIC Hawaii.
  • As of April 21, 2021, we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyler Technologies. Learn more about the acquisition and read the FAQs.
  • As of February 2023, NIC Hawaii began doing business as Tyler Hawaii. Learn more.

What we do

  • Develop customized online services that include but are not limited to:  searching for data, submitting forms, renewing licenses, and buying permits.
  • Website development and design using WordPress.
  • Hosting.
  • Use of form and survey tools.
  • Processing payments via credit card or electronic checks.
  • Consulting services to help improve existing government services and increase efficiency.
  • Strategic marketing.
  • Phone and email support for the services we build.

What we don’t do

  • Work with any non-official government entity.

Oversight of our operation

The twentieth Legislature, in 2000 passed Act 292 establishing the Access Hawaii Committee (AHC) to oversee the state of Hawaii’s internet portal activities.

Pursuant to Act 292, the AHC coordinates the activities of Tyler Hawaii and the departments and agencies that utilize the portal. The committee provides oversight of the portal manager including:

  • Review of the annual strategic plan and periodic reports on potential new applications and services submitted by the portal manager;
  • Review and approval of all charges to portal users;
  • Review and approval of service level agreements negotiated by government agencies with the portal manager;
  • Review of the annual financial reports and audit of the portal manager;
  • Review of annual customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the portal manager; and
  • Review of performance measures of the portal submitted as part of the service management plan for portal-wide indicators and application specific indicators.

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NIC Hawaii is now doing business as Tyler Hawaii. Read about the rebrand.