Since 1979, more than 68,000 students have received their certifications through the Department of Land & Natural Resource’s Hunter Education Program. Over 2,000 students register and attend Hunter Education classes each year. Go Hunt allows hunters to manage their hunting profile, enroll in a class, view their class history, and request & print replacement certifications.

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Improved processes for DLNR staff

Go Hunt replaced an outdated database that wasn’t centralized and disallowed multiple users from accessing at the same time. Updates were tedious and time consuming and mostly fell to one staff member.

Now, all users can access simultaneously via a secure login. Streamlining the team’s bureaucratic duties has improved the staff’s morale, accountability, and productivity.

“Stop-and-go” flows let the staff complete tasks in either a single browser session or over a longer period if additional documents or information are needed. A Google address lookup prevents street, city, and zip code errors. A Hawaii city name menu reduces the previous 67 spellings of “Honolulu” to just one. And standardization of envelopes eliminated time consuming mail merge.

Robust administrative functions

Agency staff can now easily:

  • Create & schedule Hunter Education classes and agendas
  • Enroll students, manage classes, and print class rosters
  • Search for and manage student and exemption records
  • Process replacement requests for Hunter Certification Cards
  • Generate Hunter Education Certifications
  • Generate letter templates (i.e. audit, incomplete class, court-ordered class, failed, passed)
Hunter Education instructor speaks to students including youth and adults

Hunter Education instructor speaks to students

More satisfied public

In the past, the public had expressed frustration with classes that filled immediately, phone lines that were usually busy, concern over frequency classes availability, as well as significant delays in processing of their certifications.

The new system has resulted in a more satisfied public and an agency that better serves the community. Student registration time has been reduced from 20 minutes to just two, and delays in certifications have improved by 75% percent.

More time to focus on what’s important

Most importantly, with all administrative tasks streamlined, the team is now free to fulfill the education goals of:

  • Reducing hunting related accidents.
  • Increasing the public’s knowledge of Hawaii’s wildlife resources and management.
  • Creating a sense of ownership among outdoor users of their responsibilities.
  • Providing seminars, workshops, and advanced courses to offer new information on hunting and conservation topics.