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Naked Cow Dairy Work Day

Saturday November 17, 2012 was the work day on the farm. Megan and Sean arrived at the Naked Cow Dairy at 8am and began by signing a waiver before being given instructions for the day. Ultimately, the farm wanted to clear out an unused area of their farm to make room for planting grass and their chicken coop since eventually they will have a stand to sell the eggs produced by their chickens. They had some other grand plans but giving their chickens a better area to run around was their main priority.

Overall there were about 20 volunteers that helped out. They cleared the land of huge rocks that would get in the way of growing grass and some trees were cleared to make room for the coop. They organized everything into 3 piles: rocks, greens (for mulch), and wood (they were giving away for fires) and a significant amount of progress was made within the 4 hours they were working.

After the work was completed for the day they fed everyone a lunch of homemade lasagna made with their own mozzarella and ricotta and all veggies were from local farms. They also provided fresh salad, mint tea, and bread and butter. The butter was made on the dairy farm as well.

Team HIC worked very hard and all were certainly sore the next day but overall it was a very rewarding experience. We can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Visit Naked Cow Dairy to learn more.

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