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Adopt a Family: 2012

Well the gifts are all wrapped and delivered to our adopt a family. We sponsored a young family of 8. Deanna and I did a joint trip to the warehouse to drop off the items (as well as to the SPCA to drop off the goodies and cash but that is another blog post… coming soon).

Our family received Hello Kitty and educational toys galore. This also marked my first attempt at setting foot in a Sanrio store (phew!) but I survived and got some great help from friendly staff who helped me decide what to get the girls based on their ages. Also since they mentioned in their bio that they liked to spend time at the beach, we bought a big cooler and stuffed it full of snacks and sunscreen along with a few beach toys to enjoy their time outside as a family. Megan also has a friend who generously donated an x-box with games and extra controllers so we hope they enjoy the huge assortment of toys. They are going to have a fantastic Christmas. I personally had a great time shopping and buying all the kids all the things I loved when I was young… cats in the cradle, sea monkeys and lifesaver story books.

Funny story, Rika had told me she was going to be donating some spam for the doggie drive but that she forgot it at home. I said ‘Don’t worry just bring it tomorrow before drop off’. I had asked her early on the next day if she had put it with the rest of the gifts to be delivered and she said yes. Later, as we are going to the car with the items to deliver I see a foreign gift that is wrapped and I said, ‘Hmmm what is this? Not sure’ and picked it up to try and figure it out… but proceeded to leave it with the adopt a family stuff. Fast forward a few hours later and it hit me…’Rika, what cart did you put your spam on? Was it with the wrapped gifts?’ She said, yes, and I was like…’Well the family got your spam!’ hahahaha I hope the dogs at the SPCA will understand. Thanks for the donation Rika.

And thanks to everyone who participated, you guys are the best!

  • Deanna
  • Aga
  • Caryn
  • Paul
  • Zheng
  • Jamie
  • Megan
  • Janet
  • Jerome
  • Patrick
  • Russell

Merry Christmas HIC 🙂

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