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Saturday Work Day: Sierra Club

On Saturday, Rosie met up with the Sierra Club and Na Ala Hele to do some trail work on Manoa falls. She hadn’t been back to this trail since running the H.U.R.T. 100 in January and much had changed. The goal of the day was basically to hike out with all of the remnants of a boardwalk and other miscellaneous debris that were removed and just sitting by the side of the trail. During the course of the day we probably hiked the same mile stretch 7 or so times, it was a constant movement and heavy lifting, OUR FAVORITE! Here’s a before of the boardwalk… and an after.

before and after photo of a trail

The sign is also gone! No more seeing the reflection glinting off of it at the waterfall notifying runners where to turn at night. R.I.P. sign.

Three people holding a large sign

Manoa falls is the most heavily hiked trail on Oahu and it is a huge part of Rosie’s life, as she runs the trail regularly and has left many pieces of her soul in its wilderness while running for days on end. It was rewarding to be able to take part in preserving its beauty for all.

She also got to spend quality time with HIC’s work partners, learn the scoop on all kinds of trail knowledge (upcoming closures, etc), and even made a contact to get our volunteer team working with another Sierra Club group.

Thanks to all Rosie’s H.U.R.T. buddies who came out, Wily, Jason, and Mike you guys rock! Mike worked so hard the soles of his shoes fell off as you can see below:

Group of hikers
Two men in parking lot
Pair of hiking shoes
  • Hour tally: 5 hours
  • Prep and organizing: 1 hour

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