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Sandy Beach Cleanup

Saturday July 13, 2013 HIC participated in the Sandy Beach Cleanup. Traffic was bad on the way to Sandy’s because Hanauma Bay’s parking lot was full. Sandy’s was packed too and we ended up parking on the street. The event was very well organized,  the tables were already set up when we got there, and the large number of volunteers present was impressive. We signed in, received our T-shirts, grabbed some gloves and a trash bag then began working, mostly finding cigarette butts and broken glass.

Within two hours of trash pick up we saw a surf competition, a monk seal sunbathing, and a pig head. Yes, we found a pig head! Needless to say the beach clean up was a success and all the volunteers were rewarded with pizza, coconut water, and watermelon.

HIC attendees: Rosie, Rika, Janet & kids, Jenly, Ben, Megan and Sean.

Hour count: 18 work, 2 hours prep

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