Hawaii’s electronic procurement system was built to promote open competition and transparency when purchasing goods and services.

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A new procurement platform for Hawaii

HIePRO (pronounced Hi-Pro) was launched as a replacement to the eProcurement site previously known as HEPS. Clean and easy-to-use interfaces make the new user experience more efficient and intuitive. Rapid development cycles allow enhancements to quickly become available to users. Future components can be rapidly added to the scalable platform to help realize strategic goals. And a mobile first design allows access from any device, securely and reliably.

screenshot of HiEPRO

HiEPRO has many informational how-to videos.

Built at no cost to the State

HIePRO was built at no cost to the State Procurement Office by utilizing our transaction-based funding model. $403,000 in savings was estimated for the initial development with an additional $225,000 in savings for annual enhancements, maintenance, hosting, customer support, and project management.

“The switchover was extremely easy for partners and vendors alike. SPO eProcurement Manager Bonnie Kahakui later commented that “…we expected calls and emails and problems, but it happened so smoothly, it’s like nothing happened at all.”

Users have been quick to embrace the system since launch and HIePRO continues to show steady growth year over year in adoption and in the number of solicitations and awards.