In 2013, Tyler Hawaii first partnered with FTZ#9 to redesign their website. They were looking to make the site more user friendly with intuitive navigation, optimize for use on mobile devices, and add social media. Recently, in 2017, we also gave the homepage a refresh.

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Data focused redesign

The goal of the homepage redesign was twofold – to evoke an emotional response from the user and to use data to visualize Hawaii’s vast contribution to international trade. By analyzing site analytics, usage patterns, and interviews with stakeholders, we were able to surface the most requested information as well as eliminate content that was out of date.

A new home for videos

FTZ#9 had an existing library of high quality videos that clearly explained who they were and the benefits to their users… but they were hidden in the navigation menu. By creating a new video section, users can now easily find FTZ#9’s best content for optimal viewing.

Powered by WordPress

WordPress has been Tyler’s website building platform of choice since 2012. Powering 30% of all websites, it’s open source, free to use and build upon, secure, has a vast community of users, and most importantly – is easy to use, making it so our partners can easily manage their own content after launch.