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New Event… Coin Drive

So we’ve been thinking… we really want to do a coin drive, but with a purpose. Something tangible we can move towards so we know where the coins we are donating are going. Plus we want to restrict it to a charity in Hawaii and ideally do another sort of adoption. We looked at adopting a reef, but that ended up being something in the realm of $10k +. Then we tried to find some way to adopt a Honu. Nope, only from other countries and states nothing in Hawaii. Then we stumbled across… adopt a dolphin!

adopt a dolphin icon

There are such cuties available and I think Ripcurl would look SO awesome next to Cheeky on our site! We will have a virtual zoo by the end of this year! And it is very affordable to adopt one, so we can totally make this work.

We’ll put up some jars around the office this week. Anytime you have any change, even a penny, if you’d like to throw it in, please feel free. In the green room, we actually already have an existing jar that we use as a swear jar. Needless to say, it’s been filled up with a decent amount of change lately.

We’re going to let this run for awhile. Thanks to anyone who wants to participate.

Places you can find spare change:

  • That giant penny jar you know you all have at home;
  • The extra change that exists in your pocket after you buy plate lunch;
  • Spare change just laying around on your desk, looking for a new home.

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