Established in 2013, OHS is a relatively new office and they came to us needing an online presence where none had existed before in order to share information with the public. To achieve this goal, we made it so OHS can easily create and publish their own content, and we surfaced the individual goals of each branch, including promoting local cyber safety events and sharing available grant information. The public is also able to report suspicious activity directly to the people responsible for preventing attacks.

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Fully featured theme

Created in WordPress, we built a custom theme from the ground up. Built for mobile, it displays beautiful across a wide variety of devices, meets all ADA requirements and most importantly, is easy for non-technical users to edit and manage their site.

OHS website pages screenshots

A fully custom look and feel.

A home for the Cybersecurity community

Did you know Hawaii has a thriving cybersecurity community and hosts up to 20 events each month for youth, k-12, and professionals? If not, it’s because prior to this there wasn’t a single location to view everything – it was spread out across many websites. But now, you can find all events with a single click.

Cyber events

All of Hawaii’s cybersecurity events in one place.

Made for Hawaii

“If you see something, say something” is a well-known, nation-wide campaign to help with reporting of suspicious activity. We were able to adopt existing branding to create a section that feels more like the home we know and love.

If you see something, say something

“If you see something, say something” with a Hawaii feel.

big lei on a crane

Also, we learned that giant leis are a thing!