The Business Development & Support Division (BDSD) promotes industry development and economic diversification by supporting emerging industries in Hawaii by attracting new investments and businesses to the state. We work with BDSD to help them achieve their ongoing marketing goals of increasing communication, engagement, and website conversion with Hawaii businesses. Tyler Hawaii provides marketing support, technical consultation, and marketing strategy via website updates at, MailChimp email campaigns, data analysis with Google Analytics, online forms, as well as graphics and logo design.

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Redesigned homepage tiles

BDSD has many helpful programs for small and growing businesses. In order to promote these programs, they needed a way to present and promote all of them within a small area of their homepage. By using a tile layout, we were able to help them effectively show their audience everything they have to offer.

BDSD homepage tile redesign

With the homepage tile redesign, BDSD can promote all of their programs in a small amount of space. It’s also easy to update.

We’re expanding our marketing

Need a marketing boost to more effectively reach your constituents? Our marketing efforts have a proven track record of success and we are looking to expand. If your state agency or department is in need of marketing tools, support, or consultation, contact us and learn more about how we can help.